Costellazioni di femminilità

With Cinzia Pellin, woman acquires traces of contemporarity. Small elements and abundance of details, together with a clever compositive strength, give to the observer’s eyes a strong woman, dynamic but also romantic.

A modern-day femininity painted in different ways of being. Nonordinary faces which, from the glossy paper or from girlfriends’ pictures, Cinzia Pellin internalizes in a sensational compositive unicum

A natural face suddenly personifies itself in a diva and, vice versa, a star turns into a no longer VIP woman, in a subtle balance of play with unceasing changes of role.

Her love for celluloid and glamour echoes in women who impressed the past, never in an often overworked, standardized iconography, but in a decomposition rich in humanity in perfect
Pellin’s style. Here appears the eccentricity of red, a colour so much loved by the artist, which fills the entire support of the canvas, or goes to highlight for example sensual lips or nails. A shade that explodes with intensity and energy combining life, passion and blood, thus tracing the subtle enigmatic bond between life and death. Details that immortalize feminine moments like single frames.

Cold eyes, piercing blue eyes, Mediterranean eyes bewitch the observer.
Havana cigars,autobiographically used, are about to be smoked in secret privacy, claiming a personal space the artist introduces in some moments of the day. Ornaments are sometimes inserted in blondes, brunettes and red haired women alternating in a constant dialogue with the watcher.
If we thought of combining a soundtrack, it would turn from the strong melodies of Heavy Metal to softer or melancholy sounds, to reflect both the versatilities of womanhood.

So we are faced with real constellations of femininity, connected like galaxies, that create an infinite mosaic in which the man or woman looking at the work finds elements beyond everyday life.
In an evolution of exploration, the flesh tones of faces have switched from the skillful use of veiling and superimposition of grey tones to a greater presence of lyric whites, so that it ppears both sublime and fading at the same time. An ethereal face appears from the canvas like a mirage, now impressed forever.
Not only women, also childhood is portrayed through young girls delighted for the carefree age or showing a glimpse of sadness for a condition for which they are blameless.
Like a skilled film director, the artist captures a complex subject also in those characters, freezing one instant in a single scene.
Cinzia Pellin proposes a non-simplistic and non-hyper realistic portrayal, as a result of a long process of analysis obtained from a mastery of shapes which, like magic, she reassembles on the canvas in fragments and feminine gazes.

Alain Chivalò

Freelance press, art reviewer, “curatela eventi culturali”