L’anima e il sangue

Artwork realised for the project “Le Tentazioni” exhibited at the Galata Museo del Mare in Genoa in September 2020.
“A series of works that offers numerous elements of reflection beyond an apparent conflict between the sacred and the profane, a conflict that, in hindsight, concerns our times, so prodigal with behavioural and ethical traps”. Luciano Caprile – art critic and curator.
“The sensual approach of the woman’s hand towards Christ, who raises the chalice, finds between the folds of the tablecloth the emblems of death (the skull) and love (the rose): two fatal existential limits to be measured by the offer of eternity and the desirable wish to conquer it.” cit. Luciano
Published in the catalogue “Le Tentazioni” and in n°1 of AW ArtMag Nov/Dec 2020.

2020Oil on canvas150 x 100 cm€ 7500

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