The title of this work is “L’Amore“, referring to the film of the same name starring Anna Magnani, shot on the Amalfi Coast in the Furore fjord by director Roberto Rossellini. This work represents an extreme close-up of the unforgettable Anna Magnani. Particular attention is dedicated to the gaze, intense and profound. Her face, resting on her left hand that sinks into her thick black hair, is bent over and relaxed but her eyes scrutinize us from any angle. The decoration of her dress studded with red daisies is reflected in the vermilion red of her slightly pursed and sensual lips.

This work is located in the beautiful Sal De Riso Gourmet restaurant in Minori, on the Amalfi Coast, Italy.

2023Olio su tela150 x 100 cmcollezione privata Sal De Riso

I had the honor of participating in the inauguration of the new Sal De Riso Gourmet restaurant and, in addition to tasting Sal De Riso‘s delicious cuisine, I was able to admire the splendid works of art that embellish this wonderful place. I am honored that one of my works representing the extraordinary Anna Magnani was chosen by Anna De Nunzio to be placed at the center of their new restaurant. The opera is entitled L’amore and is inspired by Rossellini‘s film of the same name.

“She, an unforgettable actress, loved to spend her holidays on this stretch of the coast and, just a few kilometers from here, she experienced her passionate love with Roberto Rossellini.”

Why is it a valuable painting?

In this video I talk to you about the price of my works and how the art market works in Italy. My coefficient is 3 and is calculated like this: base + height = result x 3 = result x 10 = total