La rinascita

This work features American actress Angelina Jolie surrounded by waterfalls and blue rocks.
Contrasting the cold tones of the background and the eyes of the the protagonist’s eyes there are her full red lips and a few burnt sienna-coloured leaves resting gently on the water and rocks.
Water is a symbol of life and rebirth. But water is also associated with the feminine, intuition, adaptability and emotion.
This work symbolises the greatness of the female soul.
The work is part of the Caloni collection and is on display in the company’s offices.
This painting has been exhibited at various events, including “Cinzia Pellin’s anthological exhibition” at the Gallery Wikiarte in Bologna in 2016, in the solo exhibition “DonnePrime di Cinzia Pellin” at the Rocca Janula in Cassino and in “The Women Beauty” at Villa Reale in Monza in 2017. Published on exhibition catalogues and in the magazine ArteIN n° 161 February/March 2016.

2016 oil and grease pencil on canvas70 x 140 cmNot available – Collection Elisabetta Franchi, Bologna.

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