La Verità nascosta

Symbolic work of the Caloni Transports Company of Seregno, for which I was testimonial.
The painting is on display in the company’s meeting room and has been screen-printed on the back of some of the company’s trucks, which is why it is easy to see it on the road.
This Artwork consists of two canvases measuring 200 x 50 cm. Two halves of a face that when joined together measure 200 x 100 cm. The left half is white, the right half is completely red.
It was exhibited at the Bologna Motor Show in 2016 in the Caloni stand and the anthological exhibition “The Women Beauty” at the Villa Reale in Monza in 2017 and published in the
exhibition catalogue.

2012oil on canvas200 x 100 cmNot available – Caloni Collection, Seregno.

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