The Great Violinist

This work is part of my latest pictorial project “Women’s Life” exhibited in April 2023 at the
Crocetti Museum in Rome and it was published in the exhibition catalogue, measures 150 x 100 cm and is an oil on canvas, the technique which I have always preferred.
In this work, I represented Giorgia Rossetti, a very good musician who made the violin
her instrument of expression and her work.

The elegant black dress dotted with red roses highlights Giorgia’s intriguing and decisive pose, enhancing her femininity. The violin, placed parallel in front of the model, reflects the suppleness of her body, while the position of the legs, the bow and the arms cross each other, creating movement. The same diagonals are reflected in the fabric background while her face is motionless and her gaze fixed and determined.

2023Olio su lino150 x 100 cm7500 €

In these fifteen canvases I didn’t want to touch on themes such as violence or other negative aspects of society because there are already enough artists and demonstrations who do. I firmly believe in the power of art and its ability to influence people and, for this reason, I wanted to send a positive message and work on the other side of the coin. No more victims but strengths.

Women’s life :

In this new pictorial cycle, on which the artist worked for almost a year, the absolute protagonists, in addition to the painting itself, of exceptional quality, are the women. Pellin dedicated no less than fifteen canvases to single portraits, in some cases double and triple, of women who, quoting her own words: “have decided to make it, women who have made their creation a mantra, who have chosen to cultivate their passions, their talents and to develop them in the work. Women who, beyond the stereotypes in which they have been chained for too long, have decided to realize themselves and have chosen to live at 100%”.

Perché è un quadro di valore?

In questo video vi parlo del prezzo delle mie opere e come funziona il mercato dell’arte in Italia. Il mio coefficiente è 3 e si calcola così : base + altezza = risultato x 3 = risultato x 10 = totale