The inspiration of Cinzia Pellin combined with a strong passion for art by Nicola Caloni create an high quality collaboration.In fact, Pellin is the testimonial of Caloni Trasporti, a company of 80 years of experience based in Seregno (Monza Brianza). Caloni’s daily goal consists in making art the distinctive element of its communication. Above all the trust in Cinzia’s talent. The synergy, based on a common instinct, immediately develops: it is a hotbed of ideas in constant evolution.One of her best success is the personal exhibition – “The Women Beauty” – which took place at Villa Reale in Monza, in September 2017. During the same year, two trucks were decorated with the artwork “La verità nascosta“.
Art – says Nicola Caloni – is the evolution of man’s expression over time. The same that has distinguished our reality: that’s why we have chosen art as a system of communication. Cinzia Pellin is not just a slogan, but the certification of our spirit“.
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