Woman is the subject explored in Cinzia Pellin’s pieces.
Her female subjects are characterized by angelic faces which appear to represent both the “femme fatale” and a woman with doubts and unsolvable mysteries.

The female universe seems hard to be interpreted. Her women are sensual and self-confident but they hide a lot of secrets. Pellin brings women back to the role they played in ancient times through her “truth-pieces”. Woman becomes an object of both desire and cult.
The woman represented is able to be the bearer of “others” feelings if compared with the perceivable ones and as a result of a personal self-examining analysis. Through her brush strokes,
the Artist brings to the painting her status of Being. Declared realities found in the aesthetic representation their essential shape. Faces showing their personal modus in the “scene” while feelings have their original meaning in the “background”.

A great ability to synthesize has to be recognized to Pellin’s activity.
Through a sign which becomes essential, never being banal, Cinzia Pellin succeeds in representing a human condition which finds in the Soul’s feelings its actual essence.
A reborn Soul, after having wandered for a long time in the labyrinths of the psyche, becoming “body”, jokes with a Man whose interest is just to Be as an “appearance”.
A woman who loves to provoke through a gaze which hides feelings which go beyond the “already known”.