Cinzia Pellin was born in Velletri on the 19th of July 1973. Since she was 5, she demonstrates natural skills and a sense of proportion, while at the age of 16, she develops her first landscapes. After Art School, she attends “Accademia di Belle Arti” in Rome, graduating in Scenography with honors.

These are the beginnings of a long stylistic research, constantly aimed at achieving high levels of expression in which “gestures, light and color” are the codes that allow us to get in touch with art, as a form of non-verbal communication.

Her artistic expression has always distinguished by the confidence in the pure and careful manual dexterity of painting, aimed at the Investigation of Truth and its little manipulation. Soul become matter.

A self-taught technical capacity and mastery and an introspective pictorial technique, able to get relive moments of life, which go beyond reality itself, in which technique and soul blend together.
The artworks have such a powerful emotional impact to sign the transcription of her interiority. So the choice of her subjects, suspended between sweetness and ambiguity, protagonists and victims of the contradictions of our times, is not casual. In her art, vulnerability and artifice of seduction are mixed.
The human face, as a focus of the artistic path, turns into a real constellation of metaphors, a survey aimed at telling the “Female Universe” in the contemporary, between aggressive seductions and hidden weaknesses. The artist transforms every brush stroke, every line, every nuance, into a gap that opens to the intrigue and emotionality which coexist in every soul.
The dominance of the brush and the executive mastery of his figures, make the survey accurate and diligent, in an alienating expansion of detail and in a brazen adhesion to the reality in order to cross the resemblance between painting and photography.
The emblematic element of the human face reaches the analysis and transfiguration of the most intimate thoughts, through the transliteration of psychic movement. An endless sequence of meetings, with women never met before. Women as “states of mind”, never in close contact.
Cinzia Pellin’s style intends to establish itself as unique and immediately identifiable: it’s impossible bring it back to the categories used to define contemporary visual expressions.
To sign it is the lighting up of flaming reds on the white faces, pointed out by the artist according to cinematic close-ups, but not compatible with any other environment, when are not isolated from the same body to which they belong. A lexicon of light and shadow in which the experience of reality blends itself with an imaginary system.
The chiaroscuro technique is played only using shades of gray and hide a detailed study aimed at expressing a great expressiveness, through the addition of pure white layers. The nuances are evanescent in endless layers of ice. The skin is smooth, sublime, the softness of the face is almost agreeable. Watery green and transparent blue define the eyes, contrasting with the eclectic reds and provocative lips in crimson.
Lips, hands, eyes as symbols difficult to decode of a cosmological investigation are the elements of communication at the center of her painting, because she is able to dialogue with the observers, capturing them in a single emotional impact.
A magnetic explosion impressed with oil and pencil. The combination of different sensory spheres in a total visual impact. Everyone, walking in front of the canvas, can not escape from the silent eyes or from a deep and penetrating involvement, immersing himself in that expressive vortex that transfuses from the artist to the viewer, no longer as an artistic product to be observed at a distance, but polarizing it in a definitely kinesthetic moment.