Cinzia Pellin

Artist Cinzia Pellin was born on July 19th, 1973 in Velletri, an ancient city of Volsci located in the province of Rome. From an early age she has, by innate gifts, the sense of proportion. She dedicated to drawing using oil colors since the age of seven. After Artistic High School, she attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, graduating with a degree in set design with Professor Venditelli, obtaining the highest grades. The call to painting was very strong in Cinzia Pellin, who decided to devote herself with the utmost commitment quitting set design, accordingly. The latter, however, echoes in her art, and her paintings tend to have the value of theatrical scenes both for the size and for the total visual impact.
Pellin’s artistic journey focuses on human face, alive in the female universe. Women assume traces of contemporaneity: small pieces and gifts of details, united in a skillful compositional force, provide in the eyes of the observer a strong, energetic but at the same time romantic woman. A femininity of today painted in various ways of being. Uncommon faces, which from glossy paper or photos of friends are internalized by Cinzia Pellin in an impressive compositional unicum. A girl next door suddenly turns into a diva and a star transforms into an ordinary woman, within a subtle game balance of sudden role changes.
The color red, much loved by the artist, invades all the support of the canvas or highlights details such as lips or nails. A color that explodes with intensity and energy, combining life, passion and blood in an enigmatic balance of life and death. The pictorial evolution of Cinzia has passed over the years through three important researches. From the initial use of overlapping and veiling of gray shades it has switched to shades of lyrical whites to highlight alternating details of lips and nails. Female faces become less marked as they appear ethereal, the result of a mirage that remains imprinted for the well-defined and alive eyes. The latest research brings back echoes of the beloved design, inserting oil pencil interventions on the oil colour. A new type of lines, which appear in hair or in details of faces creating an alienating effect. The painter not only focuses on femininity, but makes us reflect on childhood, depicting children happy for carefree age or sad for a condition they are not to blame for.
The artist has worked for the Vecchiato Art Galleries in Padua, that has been able to enhance and highlight her strong innate gifts over the years. She currently collaborates with the Caloni Transports S.r.l. of which she became A Testimonial and with whom she participated in the Bologna Motor Show in 2016. In the same year she was also granted the “Best Artist 2016” Award at the Spazio Cerere in Rome. Exhibitions abroad see her present in Holland at the Van Loon Galleries in Vught where she exhibited with one solo shows in 2014, while today she works exclusively for Belgium and the Netherlands with the Cafmeyer Gallery, in England the artist is linked to the Gallery Different and exhibited together with Maestro Berlingeri at the Moorehouse in London.
In 2017 she exhibited her works at the Villa Reale of Monza, Italy, with the Anthological Exhibition “The Women Beauty”, an event sponsored by Caloni Transports s.r.l.

In 2018 during the Venice Film Festival, she held her solo exhibition entitled “Homage to the cinema of Cinzia Pellin” at the Manni Art Gallery in Venice.

Cinzia Pellin was on December/January 2017’s and May/June 2018’s cover of the magazine “Arte In World”.

Who wrote about her: Stefano Zecchi, Luciano CApril, Lorella Pagnucco Salvemini, Francesca Barbi Marinetti, Nicola Galvan, Alain Chivilò , Salvatore Russo.

Alain Chivilò Art Critic