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What is an art gallery and how does it originate?

n art gallery is a space dedicated to the exhibition and sale of artworks, including paintings, sculptures, photographs, digital art, and more. These spaces serve as platforms for artists to showcase their work to the public and for collectors and buyers interested in discovering and purchasing art. Art galleries can be either public or private. […]

What is contemporary art, my artistic field – Cinzia Pellin

Contemporary art is a vast and diversified artistic field that embraces a wide range of practices, concepts, and expressive modalities. Precisely defining contemporary art can be a challenging task given its fluid and evolving nature, but I’ll try to provide you with a comprehensive overview of this cultural phenomenon. First and foremost, contemporary art distinguishes […]

The Amalfi Paper: A Testament to Italian Art and Tradition

In the heart of the picturesque Amalfi Coast, nestled between mountains and sea, lies a historical treasure of immeasurable value: the Amalfi paper. This ancient artisanal product, symbolizing tradition and craftsmanship, has a fascinating history dating back centuries. Amalfi paper, also known as “bambagina,” is a type of precious handmade paper characterized by its soft […]

On Saturday, April 1st, at the V. Crocetti Museum in Rome, the exhibition “The Life of Women”

Was inaugurated by Cinzia Pellin, an extraordinary artist who makes the female universe the heart of her painting. The numerous visitors were able to admire 15 paintings dedicated to as many women who, as the author said, have successfully achieved their professional or personal goals. The aim of the exhibition is therefore of a real celebration of […]

WOMEN’S LIFE – Museo Venanzo Crocetti in Rome the solo exhibition by Cinzia Pellin 

It opens on April 1, 2023 from 18.00 at the Museo Venanzo Crocetti in Rome the solo exhibition by Cinzia Pellin entitled Women’s life curated by Alberto Dambruoso. In the exhibition will be presented fifteen paintings that are part of the last pictorial project developed by the artist in the last year of activity. The absolute protagonists of this new pictorial and exhibition project, as […]

New Project! Life of Women

This is a painting project whose aim is to highlight women and their role in today’s society. Very often underestimated, women necessarily have to work harder than men to assert themselves and play a decisive and important role in the world of work. The women who have been involved in my new painting project will […]

Press release “Le Tentazioni” exhibition – Galata Museum of the sea, Genoa, Italy

From September 11th to October 10th, 2020, the Galata Museo del Mare exhibition gallery will host an exhibition by Cinzia Pellin, entitled “The temptations”. The event, which proposes about twenty oils on canvas, is curated by Luciano Caprile who critically introduces the catalog with its text. Inauguration: Thursday September 10th at 5.30pm. With the participation […]

THE TEMPTATIONS by Cinzia Pellin

11/09/2020 – 10/10/2020 Galata Sea Museum, Genoa We would like to thank: the curator of the exhibition Luciano Caprile, the director Michelangelo Pepe and all those who made the success of this great event possible; the official sponsors Palazzo Ai Capitani Hotel and Model Stefania Saettone; the technical sponsors Arte Limpida and Caloni Trasporti S.r.l.; […]