Stefano Zecchi | Cinzia PellinStefano Zecchi- Writer, journalist and academic:
Cinzia Pellin is a storyteller, first: thanks to her capacity to draw with a natural expertise of highest technical level, giving extraordinary plasticity to the image.
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Lorella Pagnucco Salvemini | Cinzia PellinLorella Pagnucco Salvemini- Co-Director of the magazine 'Arte In''
This artist seems to realize portraits, but we have to considered that she is able to bare the soul.
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Luciano Caprile | Cinzia PellinLuciano Caprile- Art critic
Cinzia Pellin bares emotions through a hyperrealist image, almost photography, where the slight line of the picture allows a very limited space to tonal underlines of the tale.
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Francesca Barbi Marinetti | Cinzia PellinFrancesca Barbi Marinetti- Art critic and exhibition curator, owner of the D.d'ARTE Association
Cinzia Pellin weaves the wires of the plot of the feminine iconic imaginary which is mysterious and elusive to those of the warp of a conscience and self knowledge.
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Alain Chivilò | Cinzia PellinAlain Chivilò- Curator, critic and writer of contemporary art
Female constellations which, combined as galaxies, determine an ​​infinite mosaic in which the man or the woman who watch the work find elements that go beyond the quotidity.
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Salvatore Russo | Cinzia PellinSalvatore Russo- Art critic and curator of cultural and artistic events
Cinzia Pellin represents a human condition that is in the feelings of soul, a sort of true essence.
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