Cinzia Pellin

I started painting in oil at the age of just 7, followed by my mother who was also a painter.

I continued my career at the Liceo Artistico di Latina and, in 1998, I graduated in Scenography from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome.

After the Academy I dedicated myself exclusively to painting and, to keep myself, I started making portraits on commission. However in parallel I was already pursuing a path aimed at finding a recognizable style. My studies in scenography echo in my painting, mainly they are reflected in the choice of subjects painted, sometimes extrapolated from the world of entertainment, but also in the particular cuts given to my faces, very similar to the close-ups of the film shots, even when it is not of well- known characters. Often I choose and photograph by myself the models that appear in my paintings that have little or nothing to do with the glossy pages and the world of entertainment. The scenography also influenced the choice of the formats of my canvases that are almost always very large, my paintings appear as theatrical wings.

The female universe combined with the world of entertainment are at the center of my research.

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