Was inaugurated by Cinzia Pellin, an extraordinary artist who makes the female universe the heart of her painting.

The numerous visitors were able to admire 15 paintings dedicated to as many women who, as the author said, have successfully achieved their professional or personal goals.

The aim of the exhibition is therefore of a real celebration of the female figure, caught here in the development of its professional skills.

Next to the rider, the only painting in black and white, we find the cycling champion of Lariano Marta Bastianelli, the model, the actress, the singer, the violinist, the classical dancer, the carabiniera and many others, portrayed with a meticulous and careful realism, from which shines out the soul of the women who have posed as models for Pellin. 

Some of them attended the opening of the exhibition and witnessed how being portrayed, for them, has proved to be a truly exciting and engaging experience, since they got in tune with the artist and have known and appreciated her on the human as well as artistic-professional level.

Among them the singer Amara, the violinist Giorgia Rossetti, the actress Annalisa Insardà, the model Stefania Saettone and the marshal Antonella Spagnuolo; were also present the director Michelangelo Pepe, who made a docufilm dedicated to this pictorial exhibition, the journalist Amedeo Goria and the actor Emanuel Caserio.

After a brief introduction by the curator Alberto Dambruoso, a visibly excited Cinzia Pellin took the floor, thanking all the models, each of whom was given a red rose.

Many participants participated from different Italian regions and also from Lariano, the town in which the artist has chosen to live for some years.



The liveliness and chromatic richness of the canvases has conquered all the public; moreover, who knows the artistic figure of Cinzia Pellin knows that the artist prefers the large portrait characterized by a meticulous and almost maniacal realism of the details. Above all, then, the choice to color a bright red lips and nails of the protagonists, details that become the focus of the works and which attracts the viewer’s eye.

A special praise goes to the organizers who decided to “revive” the canvases, inviting the portrayed women to perform: in this way the language of the painting has merged with the notes of the violin of Rossetti, the scratchy voice of Amara, the recitation of Insardà; The result was a truly engaging and fascinating osmosis. 


Professor Maria Grazia Gabrielli from the newspaper Castelli News






Exhibited works