Salvatore De Riso inaugurated the Sal De Riso Gourmet restaurant together with his wife Anna De Nunzio, right next to his pastry shop in Minori (Amalfi’s Coast, Italy).

Next to the very famous pastry shop of Sal De Riso (former President of the Academy of Italian Master Pastry Chefs, ndr) on the Lungomare di Minori, a new restaurant comes to life defined by a gastronomic proposal intimately linked to the territory, in an environment characterized by a marked brightness and with bright colours, with an open kitchen supported by the use of cutting-edge technologies.

The venue, from an architectural point of view, is an exaltation of different styles, united by a “Mediterranean” soul, dressed in the colors of blue, white and many particular shades of coral. To embellish the environment there are important works by Italian artists: among all we mention a work by the Roman painter Cinzia Pellin: “Love”, dedicated to the actress Anna Magnani, who filmed some scenes of the film by Roberto Rossellini from the homonymous title.

“She, an unforgettable actress, loved to spend her holidays on this stretch of the coast and, just a few kilometers from here, she experienced her passionate love with Roberto Rossellini.” Anna De Nunzio.


I had the honor of participating in the inauguration and, in addition to tasting Sal De Riso’s delicious cuisine, I was able to admire the splendid works of art that embellish this wonderful place. And I am even more honored by the fact that one of my artworks representing Anna Magnani is placed at the center of the restaurant. The work is entitled “L’amore” and is inspired by Rossellini’s film of the same name.


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