This is a painting project whose aim is to highlight women and their role in today’s society.

Very often underestimated, women necessarily have to work harder than men to assert themselves and play a decisive and important role in the world of work.

The women who have been involved in my new painting project will pose in various photoshoots.

The photos I will take of them will serve as the basis for the works that will be shown in a personal exhibition.

These women carry out different activities and are seemingly distant from each other, but what they have in common are their determination and independence.

I will represent these women in their private and working lives, whether they are chatting over coffee or working.

From cashier to entrepreneur, from model to dance teacher, from singer to actress,

from artist to sports champion, from dancer to gardener, winning women dedicated to their work and their passions.


I think that there are enough artists who talk about discomfort and violence in their work, I don’t think art should express only violence.

I don’t think that art has to light the negative aspects of society.

Sometimes it can also send a positive message, and that is my goal.


Foto gallery dei lavori in sviluppo



Video gallery dei lavori in sviluppo